eDiets – Eat Free for 3 Weeks

New Year’s is right around the corner which means it’s time for those resolutions. Leading a lot of people’s list including my own is to go down a few sizes in the waist area. Yep, holiday eating is delicious but not so friendly to the body. That’s why when I saw this deal from eDiets I thought I’d share it with everyone.

eDiets is offering 3 weeks of free food. Crazy, right? 21 breakfasts, 21 lunches, 21 dinners, and 21 dinners – absolutely free (applies to 7 day plan). eDiets also has comparable offer also good on 5 day plans. Nice way to start the New Year!

eDiets – Rated by Epicurious

eDiets is a program you can stick with because the food tastes great. Each meal is prepared FRESH and delivered right to your door. No powders, no dehydrated food, no added preservatives. Over 120 succulent meals created by top chefs. Eat the foods you love and start losing weight today.

Carrie, an eDiets member, lost 28 pounds. What does she have to say about ediets? “Their food is fantastic. Not like those other guys”.